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Parent Ambassador Program

Bishop Stang High School has a very powerful story to tell. It is a story of faith, integrity, knowledge and service which focuses on every child’s holistic growth and well-being. It is a story of happy endings for students and parents, connected to a supportive community, long after their four years of high school are complete. 

As prospective families discern the critically important choice of where their child will attend high school, current family experience and insight may prove invaluable. We invite current Stang families to help us tell our story by sharing your experiences as a member of the Bishop Stang family.


For a list of Parent Ambassadors to help answer any Bishop Stang-related questions, see below based on your child's grade level, interests, and hometown.


Current Parent Ambassadors

Catherine Cooper - Grade 12 Parent
-Son '24: Football, Lacrosse  Daughter '22: Soccer, Lacrosse, Student Gov., Debate Team 
-Lakeville, MA
Contact Info: [email protected]
Catherine Brown - Grade 11 Parent
-Football, Golf, Basketball, Lacrosse, School Play/Theatre, Debate Team, Business Club, Student Council, Honor Society 
-Portsmouth, RI 
Contact Info: [email protected]
Tia Bashour - Grade 11 Parent
-Swim Team
-Middletown, MA
Contact Info: [email protected]
Kitsy Vane - Grade 9 & 11 Parent
-Band, Cross Country, Hockey, Math Team, Ministry
-Tiverton, RI 
Contact Info: [email protected]
Guadalupe Menesses - Grade 10 Parent
-Football, Basketball
-New Bedford, MA
Contact Info: [email protected]
Rachel Higgins '91 - Grade 10 Parent
-Volleyball, Debate Team, Track
-New Bedford, MA
Contact Info: [email protected]
Alison Donovan - Grade 10 Parent
-Soccer, Basketball, Spring Track
-Tiverton, RI
Contact Info: [email protected]
Berta Herrera* - Grade 9 Parent
-New Bedford, MA
Contact Info: [email protected]
*Spanish Speaking
Diana Wiltshire - Grade 9 Parent
-Theater Company, Spanish Club, Student Ambassador Committee
-East Freetown, MA
Contact Info: [email protected]
Susan Racette '85 - Grade 9 Parent
-Instrumental ensemble, Volleyball, Swim Team
-Tiverton, RI
Contact Info: [email protected]
Tonya Souza - Grade 9 Parent
-Student Ambassador
-Tiverton, RI
Contact Info: [email protected]


  • Follow us on social media and share ours posts @bishopstanghs
  • Display a Spartans Are Everywhere yard sign at home, work or in your community. Signs are available for pick up in the Main Lobby or Trophy Lobby.
  • Share why you love the Spartan Family with your friends and family. Encourage prospective families to attend an Admissions event or invite them to join you at a Stang event.
    • Open House on Sunday, October 15 from 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm 
    • Modified Open House Session, Thursday, Nov. 2, 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm. 
    • Spartan For A Day Visitation Program (Grade 8 or transfer students)
  • Alert us to any marketing opportunities within your local community, schools and parishes which will reach middle school families. We can also print flyers for you to take to an event or your church. Just let us know how many you need.

Our Bishop Stang Parent Ambassador Program is designed to help current parents tell our story to prospective parents informing them about the benefits to consider regarding a Bishop Stang High School education. Our goal is to increase the number of students and families who visit us, submit an application and ultimately enroll. Maintaining a healthy enrollment creates a stronger school, increases our budget and enhances our curriculum and programs. It benefits everyone; our students, school, and community!

As a Parent Ambassador, here are some ways you could participate: 

- Community Outreach: Helping to coordinate opportunities to advertise, groups to speak to or connecting us to an event where students may be able to provide service at local schools, parishes or community events. 

- Admission Events Ambassador: Help us by attending Admissions Events and talking to prospective parents at our Open House or Accepted Student Events.

- Parent Contact: Schools are finding good success with posting the contact information of current parents on their school website as it provides an easy way for prospective parents to ask questions they may not want to ask the Admissions Office. We will post the contact information for a variety of parents (from different grades, regions and student activities/sports). Your job would be to field any parent perspective questions and pass along those you can’t answer to the Admissions Office. We especially need parents able to communicate with ELL families.

- Hosting prospective families: Invite friends or families interested in learning more about Bishop Stang to your home or a local community venue/event. We will attend with you and will provide talking points and appropriate marketing materials. Perhaps consider doing this after a Mass at your place of worship or setting up a table at another venue to share information, especially the weekend of October 7th.

If you are interested in helping us as a Parent Ambassador, please fill out the Parent Ambassador Program Form

Contact Mrs. Payette if you have any questions or suggestions of how we can add to our program, [email protected] or 508-996-5602 x424.