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Pathways Approach Program

Program Description
Students with learning differences and their families deserve access to a Catholic secondary education with full support for their unique learning needs.  The S.E.A.L. Foundation Pathways Approach Program at Bishop Stang High School is rooted in the Church’s mission to serve a diverse population and the conviction that education should be accessible to all children. The Pathways Approach Program will integrate and provide the necessary support for young people to flourish and thrive as they prepare to excel in learning and life as a people of faith, integrity, knowledge and service.
The Pathways Approach Program offers small group and one-on-one support to give students the tools to access the curriculum; classroom accommodations and modifications of the curriculum; and access to an Orton-Gillingham trained teacher for reading support.
  • Students must qualify to receive services through the Pathways Approach Program by submitting an application for acceptance.
  • A current evaluation, within the last two years from the date of application, must demonstrate a diagnosis in one of the following areas: Dyslexia, High Functioning Autism Spectrum, Executive Functioning, Dysgraphia, Language Processing, Written Expression, Dyscalculia (Math), and Non-Verbal Learning Difference.
  • All relevant testing, including IEPs and accommodation plans should be submitted with the application.  An active IEP is not a requirement for the program, but all families are encouraged to obtain and maintain an active IEP. Each participant will receive a services plan developed by the school.
  • All applications will be reviewed by the Assistant Principal of Academics, Executive Director of the S.E.A.L. Foundation, Special Education Teacher, and the Director of School Counseling. 
  • The school will review each application individually to ascertain if the student is a fit for the Program, and how to best meet their needs.
The Pathways Approach Program does not have the resources at this time to help students with disruptive behaviors, oppositional defiant disorder, and personality or psychotic disorders or very complex learning profiles. We look for capable students who need to have specialized support for learning acquisition.
Students who require accommodations for diagnoses such as ADD and ADHD will receive accommodations through the School Counseling Department.

Students in the program will receive direct services and support from special education teachers.  Students will be fully integrated into the academic and co-curricular life of the school. They will be placed in the school’s Advanced Placement, Honors, College Prep A and College Prep B courses according to their abilities.The program’s special education teachers will work collaboratively with classroom teachers and department chairs to appropriately place students and ensure supportive accommodations.  
A waiver of the World Language requirement for graduation will be granted if specified in the student’s evaluation and underlying diagnosis.  

Individualized Education Program (IEP)
Program participants are not required, but are encouraged to obtain or maintain an active IEP.  Obtained through the public district of residence or Dartmouth Public Schools, the IEP will qualify the student to receive additional services via federal proportionate share funding.  The additional services provided supplement the support received from the program.
Pathways Approach Program Tuition

Members of the Pathways Approach Program for students with learning differences will pay an additional $4000 in tuition for 2021-2022.