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Campus Ministry

 Mission Statement:

It is the mission of the Campus Ministry program to help all members of the Bishop Stang community develop and deepen their personal relationship with Christ, to provide opportunities for growth in their faith and spiritual development, and to continually offer praise and worship, giving thanks to God in all things.

2021-2022 Academic Year Theme: "Be The Light" 

Mrs. Amanda Tarantelli

Teacher - Director Campus Ministry


The attitude of Jesus Christ permeates all of our endeavors. Our success as an educational community is rooted in our belief that we are a family dedicated to the message of Jesus Christ and His Church.

The primary facilitator of this message is the school's Campus Ministry team comprised of students, faculty, community members, and the Campus Ministers.

The Campus Ministry Office encourages spiritual development and provides a venue that empowers the students to be Catholic leaders within the school and in their homes, their parishes, and their communities.

Campus Ministry also provides:

  • Weekly Sacrament of Reconciliation
  • Soul Sistahs (Girls Group) & Fellowship (Boys Group)


"Praise, Play and Pizza" Nights! - Join us Once a month on Thursday evenings from 6:30-8:00 pm in the Chapel. 


Retreat Programs:

All students are required to participate in annual class retreats. These retreats are integral to the mission of the school and are an important part of our total academic program. Along with class retreats, there are various retreat opportunities at the end of the year and during the summer.


Freshman Retreat - November 20, 2021

A 10-hour Saturday retreat focusing on 3 aspects of FAMILY: family at home, family at Stang, and family of God. the retreat is led by more than 50 members of the senior class and more than 25 adult chaperones, with 30 juniors acting as prayer support. The retreat is filled with witness speakers, group activities, songs, laughter and prayer. This will be one of the highlights of the freshman class Stang experience.

Sophomore Retreat - April 4, 2022
The theme is INTEGRITY IN RELATIONSHIPS: relationships with others, our relationship with ourselves, and our relationship with God. this retreat takes place off campus and is led by a team of 20 juniors. an opportunity for Reconciliation will be available. Bring an open heart, a willing spirit, and a lunch!

Junior Retreat - May 16, 2022
The theme of this day is PRAYING TO BE READY: a retreat about leadership. This retreat takes place off campus and is led by an adult team selected by the Campus Minister. Bring an open heart, a willing spirit, and a lunch!

Senior Retreat - September 1, 2021
This is the first retreat of the year, emphasizing class unity, friendship, leadership, and the God lessons that life often teaches us. This retreat takes place in the gym at school and is led by 15 faculty members.

LEAD (Living Exciting Active Discipleship) - TBD
A maximum of 35 students who have demonstrated natural leadership abilities and an active faith life will be invited to this 3 day, 2 night retreat at the end of the school year. This retreat empowers our students to be truly Christian leaders in the school.