Bishop Stang High School Announces Nathaniel Greene as New Athletic Director

 Bishop Stang High School is pleased to announce the appointment of Nathaniel Greene as the new Athletic Director.  Mr. Greene, a much-loved Social Studies teacher at Bishop Stang, will bring his impressive energy and positivity in teaching and coaching into his new role with the Stang Spartans. Being only the 7th Director of Athletics for Bishop Stang, Greene will follow in the footsteps of athletics leaders Carlin Lynch, John O’Brien, Bill Hart, Peter Shaughnessy, Ryan Silvia, and current Athletics Director, Dennis Golden.

 "Bishop Stang is eager for Nate Greene to take on this role of Athletic Director. Nate has proven his commitment to the mission of our school, which I have observed in his daily interactions with both student-athletes and coaches. His passionate, yet thoughtful and level-headed approach to planning will serve our school well for years to come" shared James Benson, Ed.S., Bishop Stang President.

Mr. Greene is a graduate of Curry College with a B.A. in Politics & History. He acquired an M.Ed in Secondary Education from UMass Amherst, followed by a Certificate in Athletic Administration from Providence College. Of Greene’s appointment, Current Director Dennis Golden said “Nate Greene is extremely bright and he brings great energy as well as great organization to our Bishop Stang community each day. He has a plan each day and he is positive. Nate has been highly impactful both as a teacher and as a coach. He has done an outstanding job coaching both boys & girls, and his students and players are fiercely loyal to him.

Nate supports students across all areas of our school community. He is a valued friend with a great sense of humor.  Nate will help our school grow. Bishop Stang needs Nate Greene and the skill set that he brings. He will be a highly effective leader of our Athletic Programs and I am confident that he'll do a fantastic job”. 

 Nate Greene lives in Dartmouth, MA with his wife, Kristen. Of his new role, Nate says “I am honored and extremely grateful for the opportunity to lead an athletic program with incredible tradition here at Bishop Stang. Over the past 6 years, I have witnessed firsthand what a special place this is and how meaningful a role athletics can play in our community. I am eager to work closely with our student-athletes, coaches, and Bishop Stang families in this exciting new role”.

 Current Athletic Director, Dennis Golden, will continue to lead the Football Team as coach and will transition into the Bishop Stang Counseling Department, returning to his roots as a guidance counselor. “Making an impact is a goal for all of us” says Golden “I believe that I can be effective and make an impact in this role. Working with students is what we all love to do. It is always fun and it is always rewarding. I look forward to building new relationships and to helping students in all possible avenues”.  Bishop Stang President, Jim Benson, added that he is “grateful for Dennis Golden's service to our Athletic Department. Dennis was critical in helping the school safely navigate the challenges of planning competitions during Covid. His tireless work ethic has been an inspiration to many and has served our athletic program well over the past six years. I am excited for the positive impact he will have on the students as he transitions to our school counseling office”.