Bishop Stang Announces 2022 Hall of Honors



Bishop Stang High School Announces

2022 Hall of Honors Inductees


Bishop Stang High School is pleased to announce the latest class of inductees to the Hall of Honors.  The school’s Hall of Honors recognizes alumni, faculty, and friends who built an enduring legacy for the school through excellence in their careers, dedication to their communities, and service to Bishop Stang.  


The Induction to the Hall of Honors will take place on Sunday, October 23, 2022, at 1:00 pm at White’s of Westport.  Visit to purchase a ticket, donate in honor of an inductee, and share a special memory.



The following are the 2022 inductees:



Attorney Maurice F. Downey P'79,' 80,' 81,' 82,' 86, '91 (posthumously)  Attorney Maurice Downey

Atty. Downey served on development, fundraising, and governance committees early in Bishop Stang’s history. He preferred the role of a humble servant and shared his time and expertise.  Maurice was active behind the scenes, and his counsel ensured the successful launch of Bishop Stang and continued with the growth of fundraising for the school.  Maurice Downey was involved in advising Bishop Stang for over five decades, and his work continues to influence the success of Bishop Stang today.  In addition, he and his wife Anne sent their six children to Bishop Stang and influenced the enrollment of dozens more nieces, nephews, grandchildren, neighbors, and friends, who have joined them in supporting the school for generations.  Maurice Downey has been selected to the Hall of Honors for his foundational work in building a Catholic high school to serve the greater New Bedford area and his unwavering support of Bishop Stang as a first-choice school.



George & Pauline Duclos P'76,' 80,' 82, '85  (posthumously) George and Pauline Duclos

In 1955, George and Pauline Duclos were a newly married couple with a vision of owning their own business.  That year they joined  Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding, a small commercial boat-building business in Somerset.  Over the next six decades, Gladding-Hearn grew steadily and built more than 430 commercial vessels. George ensured their business remained family-centered and in 1983 Pauline joined him full-time to help charter Gladding-Hearn’s successful course.

While growing their business, George and Pauline were also raising a family and were committed deeply to their children’s education and faith. Together, the Duclos’ believed and invested in Bishop Stang High School, supporting the school for decades.  Their four children and many grandchildren attended Bishop Stang, and the family continues to work together at their shipbuilding business.  Each of their children carries on their parents’ commitment to invest in and serve the Bishop Stang school community. George and Pauline Duclos have been selected to the Hall of Honors for their example of excellence in industry and their commitment to family, faith, and  Bishop Stang.




Dr. Deborah Fuller ‘87  (Pope Francis Service Award) Dr. Deborah Fuller

Deborah Fuller ‘87 has embodied the Bishop Stang tenet of faith through Service to others. Her deep belief in living a purposeful life and helping those in need led Dr. Fuller to serve Rhode Island’s children and families in need through advocacy, education, and oral health care. To this end, Deborah is a founding member of the Rhode Island Oral Health Foundation and the Rhode Island Mission of Mercy (MOM) annual free dental care event. Through her work, Dr. Fuller leads her professional circle and her students to think outside the box and explore ways to share their talent, knowledge, and skills in dentistry to benefit the neediest in their communities. Dr. Fuller has been selected to the Hall of Honors and awarded the Pope Francis Service Award for Community Service for her commitment to the health of poor children in Rhode Island.



Dr. Susan Leclair ‘64 Dr. Susan Leclair

Dr. Leclair spent more than 40 years working as an award-winning clinical professional, teacher, mentor, and patient advocate in her chosen field of hematology, oncology, genetics, and bioethics. With a love of science fostered at Bishop Stang by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, Susan built upon the Stang foundations of excellence and service. Regarding her work as “both a challenge and a joy,” Dr. Leclair is widely known for her innate ability to make complex scientific issues understood in everyday terms. Deeply respected amongst her peers, students, and patients, Dr. Leclair has received numerous awards in her dual Hematology and Higher Education professions. Susan exemplifies the strength of the Bishop Stang mission, the tradition of a strong Science Department, and her communication skills have taught her students, patients, and the community a better understanding of our health.  Dr. Leclair has been selected to the Hall of Honors for excellence in her career and her impassioned instruction, which elevated decades of students.

John A, Markey, Jr. ‘82  John A. Markey, Jr.

John Markey first donned Bishop Stang’s “maroon & gray” in the fall of 1978 and has never wavered from being a proud and active Spartan.  For decades, John has been one of the school’s most outspoken ambassadors in the Southcoast community.  He has served on the Bishop Stang Advisory Board and dozens of committees involving strategic planning, reunions, mission, alumni council, admissions, marketing, and capital fundraising. John has volunteered and answered the call whenever asked.  Additionally, John has quietly counseled individual Spartans seeking jobs, service opportunities, and internships.  He has hired, made calls, and written recommendations for and provided sage advice to students and alumni of all ages.  Although John is busy running a successful law office, he always has time to respond to the call and help his fellow Spartans. John Markey has been selected for the Hall of Honors for his spirit and love for Bishop Stang High School and his commitment to its students, parents, staff, and alumni.



Denise Morency Gannon ‘70  Denise Morency Gannon

Denise Morency graduated from Bishop Stang in 1970. For over 50 years, Denise has devoted herself to Catholic music ministry as a soloist, composer, author, musical director, producer, and educator.  She has inspired and taught generations in parishes, schools, hospitals, and various professional and artistic communities. In the words of St. Julie Billiart, Denise has devoted her life and used her God-given talents to “make known the goodness of God.” Upon her son Sean’s tragic death, Denise shifted the focus of an unwanted spotlight on her family’s grief by exposing her pain, making herself vulnerable, and then sharing her tremendous faith.  She has given hope to the broader community through her honesty and advocacy.  Denise is an example of the vocations of wife, mother, teacher, minister, and counselor. Denise has been

selected to the Hall of Honors for her commitment to community, sharing faith, and providing spiritual healing through her music and writing.



Past inductees to the Hall of Honors are:

  • John C. O’Brien
  • Theresa Dougall
  • The Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur
  • Dr. Arthur Buckley
  • Jean O’Brien
  • Kathryn Crosson 
  • James A. Black
  • Paul Duchaine
  • Maureen Sylvia Armstong
  • Sean Hargraves
  • Sister Teresa Trayers
  • Patrick and Lillian Carney & Family