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College Gateway Program

Learn about the College Gateway dual enrollment program: 

The College Gateway program at Bishop Stang High School allows you to earn college credit that will also be applied to your program while at Bishop Stang:


  • Credit earned through the College Gateway program, will be recognized as credit earned toward Bishop Stang’s graduation requirements and will be factored into the GPA after each semester (based on credit earned to date) using the same weight as Honors courses.
  • Courses must be taken at an accredited college or university, and may be in-person or online.  
  • Prior to enrollment, students must seek the approval of the principal and their school counselor to ensure they will be transferable to their Bishop Stang program.
  • Students may not take classes at a college or university that could otherwise be taken at Bishop Stang High School, unless there is a schedule conflict that would otherwise be disadvantageous to the student.  In this circumstance, the student must discuss with the principal and their school counselor.

Who should consider taking a dual enrollment course through College Gateway?

  • Anyone looking to expand their horizons, further explore an educational interest, learn more about a particular area or field in which they may be considering for undergraduate study.

How will this work with my current schedule?

  • Schedules vary by format and individual institution.  Students who are actively involved at Bishop Stang during the academic year, are encouraged to consider online courses, or summer opportunities.  Students looking to take courses during the fall or winter semesters, will be required to take afternoon/evening classes, as they will not be excused from their academic obligations at Bishop Stang to take courses during the academic day.

How much do these courses cost?

  • Costs will vary by institution, however students and their families will be responsible for any and all costs associated with dual enrollment courses including textbooks, applicable fees, and be able to provide their own transportation.

How many dual enrollment courses can I take?

  • While there is no limit on how many courses a student may take, students will only be permitted to apply up to 3 dual enrollment courses per academic year.  Dual enrollment courses taken between July 1st and June 30th, will be applied to the current academic year beginning in August (i.e. a student who just finished grade 10 and takes dual enrollment courses beginning in July, will have them applied to their grade 11 year)

How do I get my grades for dual enrollment courses sent to Bishop Stang?

  • The student will be responsible for ensuring the grades are received by Bishop Stang in a timely manner.  This can be done typically, by requesting a transcript be sent through the registrar at the college or university.   


To explore potential dual enrollment opportunities, or for any questions about the program please reach out to Mr. Dias at [email protected], or 508-996-5602 (Ext. 423).