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International Students

International Students


International students add a wonderful diversity and global perspective to our student body. While primarily drawn by the rigorous academic program and college acceptance opportunities, most students thoroughly enjoy the welcoming family atmosphere and options to participle in co-curricluar activities and programs.


Tuition & Fees

  • 2021-22 International Student Tuition: $13,400
  • International Student Fees (includes books, uniforms, school lunch and school supplies): $3,700.00
  • Total International Student Tuition & Fees: $17,100.00


Application Process

International students who will live with a parent or immediate family member/guardian in the U.S. while attending Bishop Stang, may apply through the domestic student application process. Families are asked to first contact Mrs. Payette @ 508-996-5602 x424 or, before beginning the process. 

International students who will not live with a parent or immediate family member/guardian in the U.S. while attending Bishop Stang, are placed with an approved host family from within our school community. These students must apply through one of our international student placement service partners.


International Placement Service Partners

The following placement agency has been approved by the Diocese of Fall River and is currently in good standing to provide international student placement services to our school. Please contact the agency directly to apply for admission. International students applying through any other agencies will not be considered for admission.


Host Families

Working with the international student placement agency New Oasis International Education, we welcome international students primarily from China. Each student is placed in a host family from within our school community while attending Bishop Stang. The placement agency and our school provide ongoing support to students and host families throughout the year. 

  • Students generally arrive in mid-August and return home after final exams in June. 
  • Host families are compensated $1100 per month for providing a private bedroom (with a study space) and board for the 10 months of the school year. 
  • Additional expectations include; transportation to and from school (for the academic school day as well as some after-school events), providing a welcoming environment where the student is treated like a member of the family (by assigning chores, rules, and privileges consistent with other family members), as well as general support.
  • While international students usually plan to attend for multiple years and graduate from Bishop Stang, we ask that host families consider this a commitment for one year only. At the end of the year, the host family and the international student will each decide if they would like to continue with the arrangement for the following year.

If you have any questions about hosting a student or need additional information, please contact Mrs. Christine Payette, or 508-996-5602 x424.