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Blended Learning Initiative

Mrs. Bourque with student on laptopsBeginning in 2018 Bishop Stang launched a new initiative in Blended Learning.  Rooted in the school’s Strategic Plan 2017-20, the school embarked on this innovative approach to teaching and learning which strives to make the educational experience for students more personalized and engaging.
Blended Learning Coordinator, Mrs. Bridget Bourque, has taken the lead in helping teachers to integrate BL into the school’s approach.  Working with a team of teacher leaders from each academic department, Mrs. Bourque sees tremendous opportunity in this innovative approach to education.
“Blended Learning combines traditional styles of teaching with intentional technology-based instruction in order to provide more personalized learning for our students. This data-driven approach allows teachers to address student needs and places an emphasis on mastery of concepts.  Teachers, as well as students, are stepping a little out of their comfort zones with blended learning, but the goal is that we will better equip our students with 21st century skills in hopes they find themselves more ready to meet the challenges and opportunities of the world beyond Bishop Stang.”
Blended Learning is one more example of how Bishop Stang is innovating for the future so that the next generation of Spartans if fully prepared for college and the 21st Century workforce!
Benefits of Blended Learning Experience
  • 83% percent of school leaders see an increase in student engagement
  • 90% of teachers feel more effective
  • 95% of district leaders see their teachers innovate more
  • 18 point increase in math proficiency
  • 17 point improvement in English language arts proficiency
(Source: Education Elements Annual Statistical Report on Personalized Learning 2018, Kendra DeYoung)

Mrs. Bridget Bourque

Teacher - English & Tech Integration Coordinator